About Us

Dr. Krunal Jain

Paediatric Physiotherapist

Dr. Krunal Jain is a Paediatric Physiotherapist with rich experience in the field. He has completed his bachelors from Gujarat University and completed his masters from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

His specialities are pediatric physiotherapy and musculo-skeletal injuries and rehabilitation.

He is an NDT trained physiotherapist and continuously stays updated with the recent advances and latest techniques in the field of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is just another fun game for kids with him around & for musculo-skeletal injury patients, he works on the motto of treating the cause and not just the symptoms of the disease/injury. He doesn’t rely only on the modalities but believes in the wholesome approach of combining modalities, his assessing abilities and hands on skills which best suit the patient.

Moreover he insists on teaching patients the correct body ergonomics and explaining them the biomechanics of body during different activities of daily living.

Dr. Komal Shah

Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Dr. Komal Shah is Women’s Health Physiotherapist. She has completed her bachelors from Sumandeep Vidhyapith, and completed her masters from Ashok and Rita Patel institute of physiotherapy (ARIP).

Her speciality is Women’s Health Physiotherapy. This includes antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy, Physiotherapy during labour condition, Special set of exercises after delivery, Special exercises for treatment of urinary incontinence and dysmenorrhea and physiotherapy after any gynecological surgery.

Being a woman helps her to better understand all gynecological problems that a woman comes across. Also she believes in first counseling the expecting mother about the physiological changes taking place inside her body and than teach and make her do the necessary exercises, thus making her body ready for the pregnancy related changes and delivery.

She also emphasizes on developing a great mother-child relationship and accordingly counsels the expecting mothers.

For all other gynecological conditions she believes in not just treating the symptomns but the actual cause. And she remains updated with the recent studies for the same.

She believes in the principle - “A Healthy woman is at the base of a healthy society”


We believe in complete and proper assessment of your problem. Assessing the main cause of your problems is half the job done, for the other half you can trust & rely on the knowledge & skills of our therapists. We assure that you will be fully taken care of & satisfied with the results.

We believe that not just the part or area of the body that is troubling you should be assessed or treated, but the surrounding structures or parts also need to be assessed thoroughly to detect the exact cause of your problem.

Also we very much emphasize on teaching the correct body ergonomics to the patients during different activities of daily living so that they can practice them and stay away from similar or other ergonomical problems in future as well. Our aim is to make you as functional as possible not just for now but for your coming wonderful years.

Ultimately we want to add life to your years & that would be the best possible recognition for us.